Local business around Mount Kimberley

Mount Kimberley is small mountain resort located in the southeast British Columbia, in Canada. The town is named after Kimberley mine in South Africa, and until 2001 has been the residence of the world’s largest lead-zinc mine. Mount Kimberley is mostly popular as a tourist destination, with one of the largest urban parks in Canada. And that’s what makes it a unique four-season resort.

Being the most popular skiing center in British Columbia, Mount Kimberley offers a variety of activities during winter times. The most popular include skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. Having a chance to enjoy the most beautiful ski resorts, you can take a tour around the resort or take a road-trip with your family and friends. If you are located in one of the ski resorts, you can enjoy their perks and offers.

However, if you are seeking for more adventure and adrenaline rush, and are eager to try something new, you can enjoy whitewater rafting, kayaking, biking and hiking. For those who are more prone to more relaxed and peaceful kind of vacation, you can go fishing or golfing. Mount Kimberley has been known as one of the most popular places between golfers, since there are professional championship golf courses and training.

If you’re not into sports or physical excitement, you can always turn to Mount Kimberley’s cultural activities. In summers, you can enjoy Kimberley’s summer theatre. The concept of the theatre is very simple: to produce high quality and free musicals and outdoor vaudeville for all ages.

It may appear that there are not many business opportunities on Mount Kimberley, and probably there aren’t. Not if you’re thinking about Mount Kimberley as another one-winter-tourist attraction. In fact, the location of the town offers great opportunities for developing almost every kind of business, that cannot be pursued in other parts of Canada. Some of them are more professionally oriented while the others are related to the popularity of the town with tourists.

The most popular local business opportunities in Mount Kimberley include:

  1. Tourism and Accommodation. It’s unique location and a diverse set of recreational activities, Mount Kimberley offers numerous opportunities within tourism and accommodation. There are several ski resorts and hotels that provide exclusive service for visitors, but there are also summer resorts and vacation centers.
  2. Food and Beverage. Local cuisine is the core of Mount Kimberley’s offer. Restaurants are great attractions to the visitors by providing them the unique, home-cooked meals and a nice-and-cozy atmosphere to relax. It should be mentioned that several businesses in the food and beverage niche serve as workshops for producing liquor (vodka, gin) and home-made pastry.
  3. Contractors. Within Mount Kimberley lies a great opportunity for businesses that are oriented towards construction, building and real-estates. Attractive location near the Canadian Rockies International Airport makes Mount Kimberley a profitable investment destination.
  4. Health and Wellness. Recreational activities like hiking, biking, and skiing represent the core of health and wellness niche in Mount Kimberley. Wellness centers can be located within ski resorts and tourist accommodation centers.
  5. Professional services. These includes cleaning services (mostly related to contractors services), dental and medical services, advertising and marketing services, design services, manufacturing of wood and stone products, interior design and landscaping services.


The home of the biggest cuckoo clock – being the most popular tourist attraction for years – Mount Kimberley offers slow-paced but vivid everyday life.






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