Activities to do around Mt. Kimberley


The area around mount Kimberly offers a great field for Snowmobilers to play with their toys. The area has great terrain which includes groomed trails, massive glaciers, and mountains topped with fresh snow. Snowfall is generous around this area, resulting in lots of powder and a long season. Beginners can ride along established routes through forests and valleys, while advanced sledders will revel in steep and remote riding areas. If you love snowmobiling then this area will provide a unique experience regardless of your ability type.


One of the amazing things about the area around Mt. Kimberly is the great terrain and the quality of snow during winter which make it the ideal place for a skiing getaway. The terrain is suitable for all ability types. In addition, the area is conveniently located due to its close proximity to ski rentals. This means that you do not need to carry your gear and you can change your rented gear as much as you would like. Therefore, If you love skiing, the area around mount Kimberly will provide you with the ultimate skiing experience. If you do not know how to ski, then you can take up one of the many group or private skiing lessons.


If you love skating then a trip to Kimberly is in order. In addition to the terrain, the area around Mount Kimberly has great scenery, is not densely populated and offers a beautiful view of the sky which makes it one of the best place to do your skating during winter. The presence of rentals in the area means that you don’t have to carry your skating gear.

Fat Biking

Fat Biking is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and is yet another example of the things to do around mount Kimberly. Therefore, if you love cycling, love to do a little exercise and would love to experience a new adventure this winter, Mount Kimberly is the place to be.

Play golf

One profound thing about the area around mount Kimberly is the diversity and wide range of activities available. You do not have to confine yourself to snowmobiling, skiing, skating, snowboarding or fat biking. If these activities are boring or you would just like to have a change in activity, then you can take up golf.

Water Activities

There are many lakes, rivers and streams around this area making it a popular and preferred destination for sport fishing by different kind of users. The area is considered to be one of the best dry fly-fisheries in North America. There are also hot springs in this area which are ideal for people seeking a truly unique and relaxing wilderness experience during the summer.

Experience the garden views

The area around mount Kimberly has great scenery including mountain vistas and garden views. In the summer, you can take a tour to Cominco Gardens and see the thousand of blooms or you can choose to combine lunch with a walk around Nina’s Hillside Garden.


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